Cornerstone Agents

LEFT TO RIGHT: Jay Davis, Jack Osteen, Heather Tickel, Stephen DesChamps,  Erricka Jones, Hugh Jackson

Coldwell Banker Commercial Cornerstone  was founded in 1997. Our agents are here to help you in any area of commercial real estate. Each agent is a Sumter native with strong ties to the community. Cornerstone was built on the principle of bringing the same professional commercial real estate services, typically found in larger markets, to medium-sized markets like Sumter. This exclusive commercial focus has proven to be successful because of our comprehensive market and industry knowledge, an extensive community and professional network, our in-office teamwork, and devoted service to our clients. Our team of professionals has extensive real estate experience and knowledge that, along with the support and international presence of the Coldwell Banker Commercial franchise, enables us to provide expert assistance with any type of commercial real estate transaction or consulting.